Delicate Blooms

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                                                        ‘Where flowers bloom, so does hope’

The perfect summer flowers bring the ultimate joy. Right before my birthday, I spent a good half an hour at my local flower store admiring the fresh blooms and made the prettiest bouquet. It was an easy pick and choose as I think the perfect bouquet builds from gentle, natural and harmonic blooms. I like an airy looking bouquet that has an effortless look to it, spilling branches from here and there and a mixture of texture and style. The look has a dreamy bohemian vibe to it, nothing stiff and uptight. I love a bit of green in between the flowers and I love antique coloured pinks and whites.  At the moment I’m in love with eucalyptus leaves, they last a long time and look fabulous with light pink peonies. This flower arrangement is inspired by femininity, a touch of romance and the beauty of natural simplicity. To make the perfect flower arrangement, think about the balance of colour, the surrounding it is placed into and how it will be presented in a vase. I love this round vase, it really opens up the bouquet in a gentle manner.

Freshly cut blooms are a little joy in life, it spruces any space instantly giving a bit of life to an ordinary day.

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