summer morning

summer morning kopio

Tuesday morning 7:50 am

It was an early June morning as I wake up to the noise of baby seagulls screeching for food, that are firmly sat on the rooftop, opposite of our bedroom window. They force me to wake up and while my pupils shrink, I notice the powerful sun already high in the sky and the brightness beaming inside through every window. Bella sits on her soft lamb skin mat watching my every move as I make my way to the kitchen. The mood is calm and peaceful that brings a slight smile to my lips. I put the kettle on the gas stove and search for my green tea, while turning on the espresso machine as Mr. N is still sound asleep. A slight feeling of excitement passes my body as I am leaving to Nice in four days! I begin making a summer bowl of natural yogurt with berries and toasted nuts and smell the gorgeousness of the wilting peonies. Even wilting over-grown peonies are still amazing. There is beauty in the simplicity of early summer mornings & I’ve learned to appreciate its hidden wonders. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Hugs & Kisses

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