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A trip down memory lane-

As I bite into my crispy loaf, a burst of Italian flavours melts in the back of my palette. The taste instantly takes my back to last years trip to Puglia, Italy. The Italians know how to keep the flavours simple and spruce it up with a couple of herbs or spices. All you need is some good quality olive oil & you are one step closer to their mentality..

The flavours of the combined cherry tomatoes, pinch of salt, rosemary and olive oil throw me back to Italy, to the all important breakfast time. When ever traveling to italy, we can’t wait for breakfast especially when staying in the countryside, in a masseria. The rustic loaf, amazing cheeses, figs, cold cuts and succulent tomatoes make the perfect morning toast. So, this morning, while Mr. N was grilling some loaf with olive oil, I took the ripe tomatoes from our balcony and made the Italiano topping. I also made a cafe macchiato and a strong black tea, just like had in Italy. I can still remember the mornings, when I stepped outside our room to the smell of lavender bushes right outside our window. The scent was incredibly strong, especially after the rain and the air lingered of an aromatic dream. It is something that should have been captured in a bottle, I will never forget how it brought chills down my spine as I smelled the morning air. The beautiful characteristic old towns took our breaths away that overflowed with narrow slippery paths, splashes of rosemary bushes and well dressed elderlies that showed happiness through less materialistic matters. It was a simple kiss to their spouse, a fresh loaf of baguette from the local bakery, a long chat with a neighbour or the sound of their grandchildren running up and down the streets. Life in Italy is slow and meaningful, it makes you take a step back and admire their ideology for that simple happiness. With this collage, I wanted to capture the essence of easy Italian flavours, the stillness they admire with a lingering happiness in the horizon. The middle picture is a capture from Matera, a Unesco town in Puglia while the lavender is from a masseria located in a huge fig farm.

Today, we spent breakfast dipping the loaf into the juicy olive oil and reminiscing back on last years trip. Can’t wait to back in September and discover new hidden treasures and enjoy breakfast al fresco.

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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