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Hello lovely readers,

As I lay on my sun chair in Ruhl Plage, I’m in full tranquility as I listen to the waves crashing into the large pebbles while soaking up the intense sun. I’ve really missed this. I have a huge bowl of watermelon in front of me and I’m sipping on a chilled glass of cháteau de berne, a lovely light rosé made for days like this. The water is 24 degrees and it feels so refreshing to swim after soaking up the sun.

This private beach was laid out in 1920 that is located between Promenade des Anglais and the wonderful scenery of Baie des Anges. The promenade is full of private beaches, but we liked the crisp feeling here. A sunchair, umbrella and towl cost about 30 euros. The atmosphere is nautical with a large terrace & restaurant perfect for gourmet lunching. The staff also caters to the beach, which is quite wonderful if you want to just relax and enjoy the ocean view.

What I loved about Ruhl Plage is that everyone is very stylish even though you are just at the beach. Elderly local woman have red lipstick and jewelry on and carried fantastic beach bags. I always wore my rings and bracelet as well, along with an oversized Gucci beach bag that held my camera, sun hat, magazines and sunscreen. I also love the fact that beaches have no sand, pebbles are just much easier all the way around.

Beach essentials for Nice: A stylish kimono and kaftan to cover your bikini if you wish to move around or go for lunch. I prefer a long version as I think that is always much more elegant. A great Panama hat and chic sandals. If I lived in South of France, my wardrobe would be spilling with different coloured kaftans as they are made for the look of the town.


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