Sunset in Cannes, France

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Cannes, France

As the evening sets, the inviting view of the still ocean captures my gaze and I stare at the majestic yachts and tall sailboats in the distant horizon. The view makes me inhale and feel Cannes beginning to rest.. The day has been incredibly warm, so the easiest and most fashion forward outfit is an effortless maxi, always stylish and ready for any occasion. Being tasteful and chic is what Cannes style is all about…but then again, that goes without saying for all of Southern France.

I’m in love with this silk dress, particularly the colour and floral pattern is something worth obsessing over. It is elegant and feminine and the small sleeves are really quite darling. I also like the shorter hem in the front as it makes it that much easier to walk around steep steps in beautiful old towns. I’m wearing a couple of different thin necklaces to add a bit of flair to the look, nothing too heavy though to keep it inline with the look of the dress. All I want to do is stare into the yellow mist that gently overlooks the entire harbour.

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