Nice France, Old town

Nice, France

The charm of the old town has its magic when you walk into the narrow maze of over crossing streets. The deep yellow, orange and red walls have a rustic charm to them and the pathways buzz with little boutiques, wine shops and restaurants. I never get tired of overflowing orange trees that gently drape down on you, it reminds me of my childhood days in Spain. It was lovely sitting down for a glass of wine, watching the crowd and listening to the pigeons mumbling at your feet. I sip on a cold Chablis glass and indulge into a mouthful of anchovies with melting oily paprika. The taste is exquisite and I close my eyes for a moment to enjoy that perfect first bite. This appetizer happened to be one of my favourites during the day. Even though the dish is so simple, all the flavours work perfectly together. It had marinated paprika on the bottom and it was so soft that it literally melted in my mouth. It also contained capers, olives, raw garlic and anchovies. The saltines of the dish was perfect for a hot day. It worked so well with a dry glass of white wine, I was in heaven. Every old town has a unique charm to them, it has a feeling of authenticity and elegance. The architecture is beautiful and charismatic, filled with imperfections that overall look perfect in my eyes.

Restaurant Tip: Le Safari

 1 crs Saleya 06300 Nice

Not only can you get this paprika dish here, but many other delights. Go for lunch and ask for the “plat du jour”, the dish of the day. The place is always crowded, but we were lucky enough to get a spot outside in the lively crowd. The restaurant is located right next to the flower market, the region is buzzing with both locals and tourists. This place is favoured amongst the locals that is why is always crowed. You can find it in the Michelin guide and it has great reviews on tripadvisor. I enjoyed a traditional niçoise-style baked cod with a mixture of seafood and a boiled egg.

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