Sunday peonies

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Good morning my darlings,

How are you today? My Sunday morning began with a fresh bouquet of pink peonies and a strong cup of earl gray. Today I needed a stronger cup of tea as my friend had a dinner party yesterday evening and I went to sleep much later than usual! It was so much fun; great food, lovely ladies & a seaside terrace for champagne! Today I have another dear friends baby’s christening. ♥ I’m enjoying the hot cup of tea on the balcony admiring my flowers and herbs that are loving the warm weather. The house is much more quite than usual, Mr. N is in Berlin and it seems the entire city is on summer holiday, out-of-town. I can hear the fountain in our backyard, the sound of the sprinkling water as it makes me feel like I am abroad.  The calm view of this morning is exactly what I needed.

These past couple of days have been incredibly warm, I have taken full advantage of it and been outdoors as much as possible. I absolutely love the warmth against my skin, it really lifts up spirits! Now I’m off for a bit of pampering, going to put a facemask on and do my nails and drink a litre of delicious lime juice.

Wish you all a wonderful Sunday xxx


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