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After a trip to the morning market, our fridge is exploding with wonderful summer vegetables. I mean look at the colour of these luscious beets? Can’t wait to make juice and gazpacho out of them! This young garlic is mild and less “bitter” in flavour, it is very lovely cooked with butter. Just the smell is already divine! There is just something about cooking with summer vegetables that makes the kitchen bright up, maybe it’s the long green stalks, vibrant colours and strong tastes that makes it feel like summer!

Anways, for an easy and simple snack/lunch, I wanted to keep the ingredients as natural as possible and just taste the flavours of the fresh veggies. So I steamed the beets in a bit of water until they were aldente and left them like that and sprinkled a bit of maldon salt on top. I sautéed the carrots in butter, thyme and garlic until a bit golden and crispy. I then plated the veggies and added some young leek on top along with thyme flower, kale and spinach. After these photos I spooned some more garlic butter on top of the beets aswell as I couldn’t get enough of it! To make the salad more filling, you could add some protein (white fish or duck would go great) or beans, quinoa/ couscous making it a more fulfilling.

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!

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