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Nice, France & a little bikini talk

When the weather is hot, there is nothing better than dipping your feet into the water and gazing into the distant horizon. What is is about the shoreline that is so calming and beautiful? Maybe… it is the ocean breeze, the salt and lightness in the air that is so therapuic. It could be the smooth perfectly oval pepples washing up on the shore, the colour of the water and the sound of the crushing waves that I could listen to all day. Look at the colour of the wave closing up on me? I was lucky to capture the moment, as there was a partial cloud above it making the water an insane clear turquise. So stunning, it reminds me of the sea in Otranto, Italy.

What is your favourite bikini at the moment? Summer is all about different bikini styles and currently there seems to be an obsession with ruffles and fringes. On board with the trend, I wanted to share my vibrant Greek blue and white top!  Not only do I like the flower pattern but the ruffles are too cute and quite flattering! Ruffle tops will accentuate your upper body, giving your shape a busty feminine curve. I have a similar bottom to it as well, but I like to mix and match them depending on my feeling. I think this combination is rather refreshing!

blue bikini1 (1 of 1)

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