Gone to the Flower Market

morning market2 (1 of 1) In Nice, France

One of my favourite moments in Nice, was walking around the flower market that was packed with spilling blooms, seasonal vegetables and locals gathering for their weekend shopping. We enjoyed the most incredible lunch in the midst of the chaos, where I enjoyed a colourful seafood skewer. My dish matched the antique paintings in the background, both a splash of colour! The smell of lavender drifted in the air as we sipped on our rosé at the cute little restaurant that is located on Cours Saleya, right next to the antique shop. I love walking around these types of markets as you never know what you’ll find. I instantly latched on to little lavender bags, local herbs and fell in love with each small perfume-house. I also loved watching the available vegetable, I mean look at the colour of the artichokes or the size of the tomatoes!

Have you noticed a new accessory hanging off my shoulder? I couldn’t resist in buying a new Chanel to my collection. I think I may be addicted to bag-shopping… not good…  However, I love the long chain and large size along with the petrol blue and grey tone. It goes well with all the colours I use, it is a much more blending tone compared to a strong black that may be too much of a contrast. Otherwise my outfit is a floral blouse and a blue maxi, very refreshing and elegant for a beautiful lunch. If you are in Nice, head over to the old town and have a walk around the market and enjoy a lovely lunch al fresco style!

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  1. Yes I loved the flower market =) they had beautiful peonies and lavender there!! Make sure when you go for lunch to ask for the dish of the day- it is usually super tasty and fresh! 🙂 Restaurant Le safari and the one right in front of it where great and packed with locals! Ps- if you like rosé wine- be sure to order some from the provence region, it was so lovely, light and crispy!!

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