The best lobster in town.

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‘Restaurant tip for seafood lovers’

27, Rue Félix Faure, Cannes

A glass of chilled champagne and a mixture of seafood is what South of France is all about! Recommended by the store manager of Dior, we enjoyed the best seafood lunch at a little restaurant off the tourist streets called Astoux & Brun. This is a  real seafood gem in Cannes! The fact you will probably have to wait in line here for some time shows Astoux et Bruns popularity and excellence. We arrived a bit after lunch time and were able to get seating at the smoking side, but this did not bother us as the space was an open space outside. Looking around, we saw bowls of bouillabaisse, large platters of crab, oysters, lobster and giant shrimp seem to adorn every table! Just perfect.

The place has open doors to the streets and menu consists of all kinds of seafood and fish you could imagine. They have impressive seafood platters and the freshest and widest selection of shell-fish imaginable. We saw plates of mixed enormous prawns, langoustines, clams and cockles bedded on seaweed platters. However, if you wish to splurge, take the lobster. It literally melted in my mouth and it was pure heaven! This place did not disappoint and I can honestly say, it was the best lobster I’ve ever had! If you are having lunch, we enjoyed appetizers and split the lobster between the two of us, as it is big enough and cost a hefty 200 euros.

We sat enjoying the summer of Cannes, drinking ice-cold mumm and picking on snails with pots of garlic mayonnaise and vinaigrette, with rye bread. I had a steamed crab for starters, then half the lobster that had a lovely butter dressing and finished the meal with a strong espresso. For all you seafood lovers out there, this place is designed for you! Take me back please!

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