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Hello lovely readers,

We are back from the countryside and it felt so wonderful to recharge and get out of the city for a little while. As I’ve surely mentioned before, my sister-in-laws and brothers summer cottage is like a scene out of a fairytale. Too cute and completely picturesque! We had a great time there, we made incredibly delicious food, drank great wine and spent time outdoors. We went fishing, to the sauna, visited some local antique shops, played board games and sun bathed. I have to say, it felt so refreshing to scrub your body clean in the sauna and then dip into the cold lake. It really is the most wonderful feeling ever, no spa can top that! Your skin feels so clean and fresh afterwards! Mr. N and I are so lucky to have these two in our lives, not only are we family but we are even better friends! Thank you M & P!

The mood in these pictures: Drinking rosé under the apple trees and preparing for lunch al fresco is a perfect way to soak up the beautiful nordic nature around you. Bella is stretched out on the grass with the other dogs and we are gathered in the garden patio for some wine! For lunch, we enjoyed some grilled crayfish that had a parsley garlic marinade to them. They were accompanied with toast, lemon wedges and a couple of dressings with a dry glass of rosé. Yum! Lunch was perfect, we sat in the patio with the sun shining through the trees, while the white curtains blew gently with the gentle breeze! This is what country living is all about!

Country wardrobe: I’m wearing hazy blush coloured silk pants that are really thin, loose and light! I’ve paired them with an off the shoulder shirt that has lace all around the hem and arms. My brother called it a hippie outfit, while I corrected him explaining the style is more “boho-chic with a hint of relaxed country!” Here you want to wear soft colour clothing to suit the atmosphere of the house. Everything is fresh and white and you just want to blend into the beautiful surrounding.

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