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‘Overlooking the sunset in an oat field ‘

White is the new black. Leaning towards the lighter tones of the colour spectrum, an all white ensemble is the way to dress during the warmer seasons. White is a clean slate, a blank canvas that offers so much with its minimal hue. As we all know, crisp all-white styles were a staple on the spring ’15 catwalks, that played with volume, proportion and form. We saw a number of cropped to oversized looks to clean and structural designs. This timeless shade makes for a fashionable look, while the influx in mixing textures with different pieces not only makes a chic monochromatic statement but a breath of fresh air!

White is a classic colour that always comes back into trend, especially during spring and summer. A white maxi dress is an easy outfit choice for me. Slit on both sides of the hem, it also has a shear lace piece over the knees, giving it that lightness and easy flow. I love how the cool hue looks so refreshing in the evening sunlight. I’ve layered the maxi with a white crop top that also has some detailing on the hem. Together, the look is soft and easy on the eyes that pops out a sun-kissed tan. The style is minimal but by all means, not boring.

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