Nordic Toast

smoked salmon country (1 of 1) Good morning from our countryside!

… 4 hours from the city into the beautiful scenic nature. These past couple of days have been extremely relaxing and blissful in the heart of the finnish countryside.  There is nothing more calming than waking up to the sound of chirping birds and watching the absolute still lake in front of us. The view is beautiful and definitely therapeutic. The sun has been shining, we have been swimming and gone to the sauna every day. We have eaten way too much good food, gone mushroom picking and fishing and taken long walks with Bella. This morning began with a Scandinavian breakfast that is lovely and salty, perfect in this setting! To make this scandi delight, you need some robust country rye bread that is smeared with cream cheese. It is then topped with a couple of slices of local smoked salmon and a good sprinkle of fresh dill, a squeeze of lemon juice and ground black pepper.  Mr. N and some dark roast coffee and I had some green tea and we sat eating in the fresh morning air.

smoked salmon country3 (1 of 1)

smoked salmon country4 (1 of 1)

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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