White linen

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dress. Chill Norway/ fox vest. WILD/ ring. H&M

white linen & fox fur

Everything has beauty, but not everyone gets to see it… which is such a shame as I feel it is important to connect with nature that is pure and natural untouched by man kind. Being at the countryside puts life into perspective and you get to enjoy the surrounding and rest your mind in a way the city cannot provide.

this view though? Even though I am a city girl at heart, I have that countryside urge that needs to be fulfilled every now and then. Here you can forget about the extra hassle of the city and just have a moment to collect your thoughts, breath in perfect fresh air and set your mind at ease. It is quite the feeling staring at the open lake and listening to the comfort of the undisturbed wilderness. It is beautiful in the morning sun or after a storm that changes so gracefully in all four seasons. Take a moment to look at it.

We have just had a sauna, taken a swim in the lake and now I’m dressed in a soft linen kaftan and put on a dash of pink lipstick. Of course I snuck a statement ring with me from the city as I am quite obsessed with its Grecian look and it adds a little pop to the kaftan, that is rather beautiful just as it is. There is beauty in the structural simplicity and really needs no accessorizing. However, the fox vest adds a stylish twist while also being overly functional and so necessary here! It is the perfect accessory for the countryside as it keeps you warm against the breeze that pushes across the large lake. It is the best find when function and fashion go hand in hand.  Now it’s time to go grill some salmon for lunch! xx

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white linen1 (1 of 1)

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