Open fire Salmon.

open fire salmon countryside

Just before the sun set.

The sky reflected a magical red mirage across the lake creating a warm yellow glow upon our dinner setting. The colours in the air have a hint of fall shades to it, but the temperature is still warm and heavy. There is a stillness just before the sunset, a moment I’m glad I’ve captured. It is so peaceful here. Mr. N made us a cozy fire and we cooked some salmon over it, I love that rustic and rugged feeling when cooking outdoors with an open fire, for some reason everything tastes better this way! We also made a chanterelle stew that we picked from the forest earlier today. They could not taste any better or be any fresher! When the salmon is cooked like this, it has a lovely robust smokey flavour that tastes heavenly with some thick garlic tsatsiki sauce. We watched the sunset while sipping on some rosé admiring the perfect scenery.

How to make?

Open-fire Salmon

Make a log fire. Cover both sides of the salmon in oil, salt and black pepper. Place it between a grid iron. Cook indirectly over the fire or coal really for about 15 minutes depending on the size of the fish. Cook on the skin side first and then rotate to the flesh. Make sure to leave the fish a lovely pink colour inside so it does not dry too much. Garnish with freshly cut dill and lemon.

Chanterelle stew

Roughly chop some young cabbage, garlic, onion, cauliflower and chanterelle mushrooms and cook in butter and cream until a thick consistency. Add in a cup of fresh peas, a teaspoon of honey dijon, salt and ground black pepper.

Tsatsiki recipe

Grate 1 cucumber and squeeze the excess water out of it. Place into a bowl and grate 2 cloves of garlic into it. Add in about 1.5 cups of thick greek yogurt. Grind some fresh white pepper, a good pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Mix well and refrigerate for about 1/2 hour before serving.

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