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‘Countryside vibes’

Tomorrow we are heading back to M & P’s countryside for a quick weekend getaway! I can’t explain how happy I am about this, my schedule has been so busy, too busy and this is exactly what I need. I wanted to share this pictures from our last stay and how our food revolved around fresh produce. At the countryside, I thoroughly enjoy the garden and how a lot of the produce we ate came directly from there. I mean, look at these cute baby potatoes?! The lady of the house, Mrs. P dug the potatoes with her freshly done red nails. Gotta love a woman who is stylish while digging for dirt!  We went fishing for perch one day and made the most fresh scandi style salad out of them. Own caught grilled perch with a squeeze of lemon is a real treat. Our men also caught us some pike that was poached into a beautiful dish with a creamy egg sauce. Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!



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