Let’s pause.

end of august

A moment.

For quite some time now, I have been so incredibly busy that I feel there is not enough hours in the day to complete everything! While my calendar is exploding with yellow post its, even my expert multitasking skills are not helping this   constant overload. With this continuous hassle, I’ve learned to just stop (for a short time) and prioritize my work and personal life, by having a moment to myself now and then. I’ve noticed this is something I need, to give me that effective boost to continue. This may be an early 5- 6 am cup of tea while watching the sun come up and Bella snoozing on the carpet.  It is taking a long walk in the sunshine or popping into the flower store for a quick random bouquet. It is a long hot shower and fluffy slippers or a green smoothie filled with vitamins. I’m very grateful to be doing so much at the moment, but I’ve also learned that I need a small moment to stop, to gather my thoughts and energy. Instead of bringing my laptop to bed, I read a couple of chapters from my book and make sure I get enough sleep. I drink lots of flavoured water through the day and learn to appreciate the little positive moments in my life. I’m so excited to be leaving to Santorini in two weeks time for a proper holiday, even though I know this means I’m on crunch time here! Life is all about balance and knowing how to navigate through days like these! xx

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