One early morning

early contry morning

Earthy country tones

‘One early morning to remember’… It is early morning at the countryside, while the others are asleep I’m taking a walk with Bella in the midst of the beautiful nature. It rained last night and now the sun rays are slowing drying the hay, apples trees and grass. Many bumblebees are attached to the nearest flower buds that sway gently with the breeze, while the birds are frantically flying back and forth to feed their nesting babies. There is a lot of hassle around me when I stop to look, but the mood is still calm and serene, as it always is after the rain. The nature has a certain clean smell; an earthy mushroom forest scent that you only get at the countryside. The apples still drip from the rain and I take a moment to sit on the stairs of an old barn, to catch those glorious morning rays. The creamy warm tones represent the last of these beautiful summer days, while it soon fades into a scenic colourful fall. Once back at the house, Mr. N is having a cup of coffee in the shade at the door step and I notice the cozy steam twirling into the air. As I walk down the cobbled pathway, a warm cup of tea awaits me as I reach for my morning kiss. I’ve noticed with age you begin to appreciate these small joys around you, the non materialistic aspects in life that provide a degree of humbleness and gratitude.

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