Alberobello Whiteness

Alb. Puglia kopio

In under two weeks time I will surrounded with the white walls of Santorini, so I wanted to share a flashback from Alberobello, a Unesco town in Southern Italy, surrounded with pure whiteness. Here  you get a glance of whitewashed walls, rugged limestone texture, spilling flowers and conical dome-like ‘trulli’ houses. There is a certain picturesque feeling here, the small town almost seems unreal. Lush vines with green grapes drape against tiny hand craft shops and locals stand at their doorstep, watching the hassle around them.  We visited the quiet streets during a less touristy season that made the place peaceful and cozy and indulged in an olive oil tasting, where we possible purchased our favourite oils thus far! I also shopped for some linens and our day ended with a delicious lunch in a small shadowed restaurant in a tiny trulli. It is quite amazing that the world exists with places like this.



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