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Thin necklaces/ Chanel, Chunky Chain/ H&M, Bracelet/Hermes, Rings/ Local antique store in Rome, Bag/Chanel, Blouse/ Zara, Sunglasses/Rayban

Gone for a glass of champagne in Rome

As we find a somewhat shadowed spot in a small restaurant in the narrow streets of Piazza Navona, we watch the nearby places fill up with stylish individuals who are out enjoying an aperifif. I love the feeling in this picture, 1920’s coupe glass and that first sip of cold champagne after a few hours of walking around. The day is hot, but we try to blend in with the locals by dressing in full autumn attire, long sleeves and all. Overdressed is always better than underdressed, especially in a beautiful elegant city like Rome.

Summer is officially over and while September has just begun, I wanted to share an autumn-must that makes an outfit fashionista worthy! This fall is all about statement accessories, mixing old and new together from rings and brooches to fabulous necklaces. As in food styling, an old antique plate or beaten-up spoon brings the photography to another level, while in fashion an old statement ring or vintage chain gives your style a charismatic edge.

I must say, I love this combination of a classic clean-cut blouse that has a lot of grace in itself but is shocked by a good chunk of jewelry. The layered add-ons create a desired fashionable look to complete that Italian-chic style, suitable for the trendy streets of Rome.

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