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‘Memorable experience in Sunset Taverna

One of our highlights in Santorini was the port restaurants at the foot of Oia. Built deep into the red volcanic rock against the cinematic turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. To reach the port side you need to walk down the cobbled somewhat beaten path of 214 stairs, which was quite the work out when going back up!  You can also go up and down the stairs with the ever so cute donkeys incase the walk is too much.

Let me take you back to the moment. You sit at the edge of the water as the waves hit your feet enjoying some spectacular local seafood. You get lost in the movement of the cute fishing boats docked around the bay and can’t help but watch the fish swim by in the clear waters. There is a row of sea urchins on the rim of the dock and a flock of fishermen coming on land. The spot is idyllic and less crowded than at the top of the hill and you feel more relaxed here. Maybe it is the beauty of the sea and the gentle breeze hitting the back of my neck. I read that the restaurant has been featured in “New York Times”  and in the “Travel Channel” and is famous for its lobster pasta.  The view is picturesque and the food was some of the best in Oia. For starters, I enjoyed a plate of delicious salty anchovies with a chili lemon dressing, that was the perfect choice on a hot day. Then I had a grilled lobster with a side of steamed mussels to complete the meal. Simple but delicious and purely satisfying. Mr. N and I had a perfect getaway date here at sunset Taverna. I highly recommend this restaurant in Oia if you are a seafood lover, it brings out the true essence of local Greek cuisine.

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