shades of oia

8.30 am Oia, Santorini, the moment when the blues are soft and delicate

While the softness of the rising sun reflects against the light hues of Oia, the outskirts of town are covered in a dainty fog from the nights dampness. The endless whitewashed buildings take my breath away, while my obsession for pale green/blue drift wood keeps on growing as I pass each rustic door, that is more beautiful than the previous. One the most spectacular aspects about Oia is the cultivating variety of harmonic tones and the view of the turquoise water that ombrés into new colours through out the day. The silhouette of the perched houses on the deep cliff gives Oia a magical viewpoint and quite the architecture advantage. As I explore this early morning with my camera, I was greeted with the friendliest dogs that were out walking themselves and of course your regular local with its donkey. The quaint corned allies speak for themselves during quite mornings like this when you can hear your own footsteps hit the marble-like tiles. A moment of tranquility at it’s best.


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