Gone to Thíra in a Mosaic Maxi

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Thíra, the capital of Santorini

Thíra (aka Thera) is buzzing with tiny jewelry and touristy shops and it seems to be more crowded than the luxurious Oia. We came here one evening to watch the sunset and enjoy dinner at a viewpoint restaurant. We walked around the city, it was fairly nice but I personally thought Oia was more peaceful and cozy. The views are beautiful, just like anywhere in Santorini and we took a moment to watch the calm sea that was filled with cruise liners waiting to dock on shore.  I’m wearing a maxi dress bought from a boutique in Kamari. I love the intense mosaic patterns and vibrant colours along with the lace details along the sleeves and front. The dress is way to large for me, but the style allows it be loose letting it drape and elongate a body’s natural shape. Hope you are all having a wonderful evening. xxx

thira stairs2 (1 of 1) kopio

thira stairs (1 of 1) kopio

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