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Oia, Santorini

I loved going to the market in the early mornings to find a selection of their fresh fruit and vegetables. That is one thing I’ve noticed when traveling, we love to explore markets discovering all types of local delicacies. Of course, I couldn’t resist the large luscious avocados and overly juicy figs, that really made my mornings perfect! Thus most of the time, breakfast had to start with an avocado toast and a bowl of greek yogurt with fresh sweet figs overlooking this divine sea. Here, I could sit forever observing the peaceful Mediterranean life. Mornings like this are a real blessing and privilege. A moment like this enforces a positive state of mind and really it shows that one small good thought in the morning can change your attitude for the whole day. A blissful breakfast is a remedy for happiness.

avocado hunt2 (1 of 1) kopio

avocado hunt (1 of 1) kopio

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