December 4th

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A little bit goes a long way…

Hyacinths be far are one of my favourite christmas flowers that make beautiful festive decorations.  I’m not large into decorations, but simple flowers, nettle branches, small trees always do the trick. Even though we are in December already, the grass is green and we don’t have an inch of snow, while the tomatoes on my balcony are still growing even though I’ve stopped taking care of them ages ago! With no winter outside, a little bit of christmas spirit is brought to the house with the smell of cinnamon and hyacinth arrangements. We took a forest walk in the woods yesterday where I gathered some green moss that looks great wrapped around the root of the flower into a ball that is then tightened with thin wire. I stole the idea as I was gazing at a flower shop window and instantly fell in love with the idea. I’ve also used hay as an accessory that gives the flower a rustic country element and now I’ve scattered the little pots around the house for a cozy feeling.

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