Gone for lunch in Picturesque Portofino


Portofino, Italian Riviera

‘At 13.00, I dissect into my whole grilled fish while overlooking the cozy glistening bay and smile at my man as he took a sip of his wine.’ The screeching baby seagull hovered close to the gelato stand and the sun had risen from behind the hills into the heart of the bay. The early mist had disappeared and the undeniable beauty is amongst us, making it no surprise why Portofino is so popular.

It is a tiny but perfectly picturesque village that sits on its own peninsula, a place that feeds of exclusivity. It’s the playground of the rich, famous and the beautiful and it looks exactly like on a postcard, making it a dream to photograph. The yachts and sailboats handsomely align the bay of the harbour as the fresh fish is brought to the port in the morning. The pastel coloured houses cast reflections on the water creating a saturated deep blue…a kind of sapphire tone with a hint of green in it.  It was wonderful to hike up to the castle and walk around the designer boutiques, go for a refreshing drink or cappuccino and enjoy a gorgeous lunch by the arche of the sea.

We took a fairy from Rapallo to Portofino (rather than via car) as it was relaxing to sit back and enjoy the views of the Ligurian coast. Some of the private villas were spectacular! I suggest you visit Portofino as early as possible to avoid the mass of people who come during mid day for its popularity. It is wonderful to visit for just one day as it is so small and this way you capture the essence of its charm without prolonging your holiday at the Riviera. During our stay in the Italian Riviera, our base was Rapallo and from there we visited Cinque terre, Portofino, and Santa Margherita. Portofino is a splash of colour making it vibrant and interesting from head to toe. A must see place




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