Gingerbread Cookies

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The night before Christmas

Whats going on at home at the moment?! With a little bit of chaos from the day, the evening is finally beginning to calm. After a super early morning and a productive day, I took a long walk in the woods with a friend of mine. The clean fresh air was something much needed! After coming home, I cleaned, changed the sheets, started with some cooking preparations and now I’m letting the house fill with the smell of gingerbread cookies. Ps. they make the most wonderful tree decorations. I’ve prepared a couple more wreaths, got my clean Christmas pj’s on with my feet tucked into thick woolen socks. I’ve just light up some candles and now I’m drinking some earl grey with milk and getting ready for the upcoming festivities. Tonight we are going to sleep early in between our all white linen sheets and waking up fresh to Christmas morning. How many of you will be staying up all night watching over the ham in the oven?

ginger bread cookies1 (1 of 1)

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