morning tea in italy1 (1 of 1)

‘tea time & preppy vibes in Rapallo’

That moment when you can stop & slow down. After a busy morning of exploring and pure wanderlust, it feels great to pause for a brief moment and enjoy a large cup of tea and its blissful surroundings. Finding that good cup of tea is quite rare in Italy, as they are more of the coffee type! But when you do find it, the decadent taste of earl grey with milk lingers down my throat and it feels like heaven! We stayed at this old manner in the Italian Riviera, I loved its creaky old floors, high ceilings and bits of antique here and there. This manner suits a slightly more preppy choice of wardrobe, so I went for the timeless linen dress and pulled my hair into a somewhat tight bun. I absolutely love the dark blue lining for some sharpness along with the waist band to create a bit of silhouette. The dress has a nautical feeling to it, it is elegant and classic, just perfect for the Riviera. Ps. look at the amazing sunlight passing through the overly large windows, quite gorgeous to stand behind it overlooking the rose bushes in the backyard! 


morning tea in italy (1 of 1)

morning tea in italy2 (1 of 1) kopio

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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