Yellow Beet Saffron Avocado Toast

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First Monday of the year

I thought I would make today’s breakfast a little more special as it is the first monday of the new year! Like every year, I promise myself to focus more on healthy living, clean eating, drinks lots of water and eat ingredients that make me feel good. I don’t initially set any goals, I just try to remember what makes me happy and feel good and push forward with that concept! Christmas was a season of sweet cozy flavours, but now I will cut down on the sugar and focus on everything fresh. Thus, with a weak spot for avocado, I sprused my toasts with some colourful deliciousness! I added some shaved yellow beet, a pinch of saffron, lemon infused olive oil, maldon salt, sesame seeds and ground black pepper. Let January be fileld with amazing flavours..

monday toast1 (1 of 1)

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