Santa Margherita, Ligure

santa marg

Santa Margherita, Italian Riviera

As we stroll down the elongated promenade by the sea front that line with palm trees, the feeling is much like in Nice, as if you would be walking down promenade des anglais. The sence of sophistication seems to spill from Portofino to Santa margerita and why wouldn’t it, as they are only a walking distance away from each other, which by the way is a beautiful walk by the azure Mediterranean!

Santa Margherita Ligure is a charming old-fashioned resort with grand architecture, a harbour filled with yachts and a small fishing fleet.  There is a fluster of small restaurants that fill with late lunchers who come and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle. We stopped at a tiny seafood trattoria for some mussels and garlic pasta, the place quickly filled with locals and we were lucky enough to get a seat outside on the glass veranda. It was cozy and authentic and a real highlight of the Riviera. We walked around the esplanade, admired the old buildings, had a gelato in the shade of the palm trees and took the ferry back to Rapallo early evening.

Trattoria Dei Pescatori located on Via T. Bottaro, 43, Santa Margherita Ligure


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