Frosty Sunset

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Army Parka- ‘Its for the few’ by Barbed


26 Degrees Celsius 16.00

Despite the unbearable coldness that pushed through the water, this moment was a photographers dream. It was the mystical fog that danced from the sea, the stillness captured by the ice formations and the absolute beauty of the water, right before freezing point. It was breathtaking yet brutal, a scenery that captures the essence of rural nordic winters. During these moments, I know I’ve made the best purchase with this army parka that is lined thoroughly with fox fur and is ever so warm! It was so cold, but the golden sunset was worth seeing, even if it was brief! After a quick (more like non-existent) walk with Bella, we hopped back into the heated car where our tea and coffee awaited and watched the sun fall into the horizon.


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