Gone to Saove.


Soave, Northern Italy

Mr. N and I stumbled across this cute little town when driving around archers of Soave’s vineyards. Hill after hill, wine after wine! This tiny town lays in the Veneto region in the Province of Verona that is tucked between large walls that builds up to its majestic castle, that seems to dominate over everything. Soave is famous for its wine and every where we glimpsed, there were grapes hanging from balconies, doorways and archways. It was beautiful and so Italy.  It is said that the white wine here is a primary reason this tiny corner of Northern italy is on the world enological map. With a characteristic yet medieval feeling in between the narrow streets and coloured houses, the town spilled with cute traditional trattoria’s, friendly locals and cute piazzas. To this day, I dream of this plate of burrata and mouth-watering parma ham where I scrapped the juices with some local fluffy loaf and washed it down it delicious dry white wine. Saove has that old charm.





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