Poetic Siena

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Siena, Italy

It feels like you have walked back in time… I call it a little Rome, a place where poetics and writers go to find muse from its dramatic presence and charming setting. Surrounded by olive groves and the vineyards of Chianti, Siena spills with fascinating historical remnants and soaring architecture, with a respect for superstition that roots from the Middle ages. Here, there is feeling of elegance with its windering streets, religion, quintessentially gothic presence that makes you want to slow down and take it all in. The town still resembles a part of the medieval era modernized with delis, wine stores, luxury boutiques and restaurants existing at every corner while the wealth of art helps maintain a sense of tradition. Mr. N and I ended up buying lots of cute spices, olive oils, dried herbs and aged vinegar, a little taste of Siena to take back home with us. I still remember the strong espresso we shared at Piazza del Campo and the full-bodied red wine with antipasti on a narrow walkway between its theatrical walls. We walked the moody streets and stopped to smell the truffles and porcini from the stores while seeking for that perfect slice of pizza. Locals are proud to live here and I fully understand the reason behind it. Here, there is a captivating magical aura in between these walls.

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