Tuscan Lavender

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Poggio Piglia, Tuscany

A fairytale setting after a magical story‘. A gentle smell of lavender flowed with the light evening breeze and the Tuscan countryside could not look more beautiful this time of year. There were rolling hills of lush green vineyards and overgrown lavender bushes that were a gorgeous piercing purple. The Tuscan countryside is romantic and mysterious, elegant and refined. This pale blue maxi dress has been in much use from weddings to casual evenings out, its versatility gives it all the power. I love the loose on loose cut, the colour and the bohemian relaxed feeling just does it for me. Here Mr. N and I were just about to have an amazing evening dinner, only a couple of days after our engagement. The moment still feels so real and fresh in my mind. Happiness and a smile really is the ultimate chic outfit for a women. Simple and elegant, just like Tuscany itself.



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