Sunday Espresso

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Happy Valentines Day!

Today has been a wonderfully slow morning that began with a coconut espresso & purple tulips. I’ve never been a fan of red flowers, they seem loud and in your face, not my thing at all. However, these purple tulips are gorgeous and dramatic, the colour of Venetian interior, more refined than a strong red. Today is a reminder of appreciating what you have and the balance between give and take, a day to share with your loved ones. Mr. N and I are going to brunch with our loved ones. I’m super blessed to have found such a darling man to have by my side, someone whom I’m so excited to marry this year. I’m just as appreciative to have amazing friends whom I hold dear to my heart. Without any of you, this world would be a far different place. I’m also so grateful to all you darling readers, it has been a pleasure getting to know you all these years, you give me that daily inspiration. I’ve realized that the older I get, it is the small things around me that make life so special. A simple smile from a stranger, clean crisp bed sheets, a bouquet of flowers or that perfect espresso gives me a little boost to be happier. Hope you all have a wonderful day today and may it be filled with love & good company!

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