Early Morning Avocado & Blueberry Toast

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Today’s slow morning was calm and quiet surrounded with a crispy, just slightly burnt from the edges rye toast. It needs to cool down to make it extra crispy, it’s a must always! I spread some avocado and bright blueberries on top, chopped paksoi, chili flakes and white sesame seeds. This moment was captured just before 7am, when the sun was just rising and I managed to capture the little glimpse of light from our kitchen window amongst the darkness and contrast all around. At the moment I have some oat milk brewing for my macha latte, by hair is tangled in a messy bun and I’ve wearing an oversized knit and woollen socks, while Mr. N and Bella are curled up in bed sound asleep unaware of the magnificence they are missing. These early moments to myself are a definite favourite, at this moment in time it just seems as if everything is possible. There is something inexpressibly beautiful about the world when the sun begins to fill the dim sky, the pigeons awake on our rooftops and the soft morning rays great you at your window.

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