Early Easter Morning

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Happy Easter!

Thoughts are slow, deep and golden in the morning. Today it has been a rush-free blissful morning, I opened my eyes already at 5.40 am and couldn’t sleep after that. I rolled around in bed for a while but ended up getting up and jumping into a nice hot shower. After an oxygen mask and feeling fresh, I tiptoed to the kitchen (as Mr. N is still sleeping) with Bella following me to the living room. I put some oat milk to heat on the gas and chopped some fruit and berries to nibble on.  The weather is a bit more gloomy and darker today, but still really cozy and inviting as I look outside to the rooftops and sip on my macha latte. Everything is closed today, life seems to have come to stand still, nobody is in a rush, there are no distractions,  just the seagulls flying across the early sky. It is officially spring and the screeching sound gives me that reassurance that summer is well on its way. It makes me happy. It is quite early so I think its time to make another cup of tea and crawl back into  bed with my laptop for just a little while longer before I begin breakfast preparations. Have a wonderful calm easter full of delicious treats, laughter and good night sleeps!

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