Magical Streets of Riomaggiore


As if tucked into a fairytale, Riomaggiore is composed of texture, coloured stone facades, slate-roofs and double windows built deep within the tall walls of cinque terre. The chilled streets are narrow that cast with dramatic shadows along your pathway creating more contrast the deeper you explore.  You feel the historic character in the presence of the town that dates back to the early thirteenth century. The details feel somewhat medieval, but the saturated splashed walls make the surrounding less haunted and more magical to observe. We visited the village early morning to avoid the masses of tourists that flocked into the village just around day time. In the morning the whimsical town came alive and showcased full flair. Simply breathtaking.



4 thoughts on “Magical Streets of Riomaggiore

    1. Cinque terre was a great experience! I wish however we had had more time there because during the day time, it was difficult to experince its greatness because of the crazy tourist masses! I’m glad you liked it Nancy! <3

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