Matcha Avocado Smoothie

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Matcha, what is it and why I drink it?!

It is considered as one of the most powerful super foods ont he market today that is a long-standing tradition from the Japanese culture. Matcha is a green tea that is of the highest quality as its made from nutrient-rich young leaves picked from the tips of a Camellia plant. All its green brilliance and antioxidant qualities are restored as it is stored oxygen-free in the dark. It is known calm the mind and body, prevent disease and be high in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium. It is rich in fiber, boosts metabolism and packed with the powerful EGCg. Yes, this has become a real super trend at the moment, but it really adds a delicious unique flavour to cooking or to your tea!

I mainly drink matcha as a luxurious morning or afternoon tea blended with hot foamed oat milk that gives it a lovely sweet taste. I just love a matcha latte, it makes my day that much more special! Today I decided to make a green avocado smoothie that has a soft matcha taste in the background. It suits with the subtle texture of the avocados and banana making an easy luxurious breakfast bowl or healthy dessert.


  • 250g quark (or use half quark and half coconut milk)
  • 1 teaspoon matcha powder
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 large avocado
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 banana

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smoothie and velvety & garnish to perfection


  • Figs
  • blackberries
  • mint leaves
  • strawberries
  • coconut flakes
  • green tea leaves with dried lingonberry and birch


macha smoothie1 (1 of 1)

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