Rainy Sunday

sunday vibes

Sunday Mood board

Even though its raining today, this sunday feels cozy and sweet. The rain cleans the dust from the streets while the raindrops feel like a dehydrating facial. There were only a few dog walkers in sight this morning, the little birds took cover in between the branches and I couldn’t resist picking up some fresh croissants from our nearby store as they smelled too delicious coming out of the oven. Bella is satisfied in her bed and I’m admiring the tulips that are at their prettiest with crisp closed buds.  Mr. N is just waking up and I’ve prepared him an Italian espresso along with a croissant with Danish blue cheese, marmalade and blueberries. Let sunday begin! This time of year I always have a major decorating boom, so we are off to an interior store to purchase a new kitchen cabinet. This I desperately need, as my shelves are already bending from too many glasses, plates and cute kitchen items. I could really start a small restaurant with all this stuff! Then we are off to the forest for a walk with Bella and spend time in the fresh nature.  My sunday mood board is all about good feeling, making the best of the rainy weather, a delicious treat and streamlining my kitchen from excess clutter!

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