Back to basics in Italy

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Corte Mainolda, Mantova

This little nook in the backyard was a favourite spot of mine in Corte mainolda. The rustic gate (that I couldn’t get enough of) opened up to a field of geese, ducks and chicken that roamed around in the lush green fields. (read more about the manner here) The family retriever was so cute, it wanted to chase the birds hence he was on the other side of the premises. There was a small river that you had to cross to reach the fields and I feel this magically shows what northern italian simplicity is all about. Before Mr. N and I decided on having our wedding in Finland, we thought this could be a great spot for a ceremony underneath the large old trees. At this moment, the sun was slowly setting and my look is all about casual easiness. Ripped jeans, comfortable ankle boots and an embroidered lace top that ties at the back into a loose knot. No fuss and great for exploring during the evening when it was a bit chiller. We sat on the edge of the bridge with an aperativo watching the sunset before waiting to go for dinner. The family cooked so well  and the grill was right behind the door so you could smell all the deliciousness to the backyard. Ps. They said that you can find truffles in the field, how luxurious is that! I’m so excited to back this year again! Anyways, I loved the simplicity of this outfit, just my hair up in a messy bun, black shades and a chanel.  Back to basics..

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