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Now it feels complete.

As I sip on my morning tea and look around my kitchen, it feels as if it has a new zen to it, it feels complete for the first time. The newly white linen curtains bind the entire room together making it cozy, peaceful and extremely soothing to the eye.  It feels harmonies and soft, a place where you want to start the day. Both curtain sides have double layers that are extra long elongating the room hight making the style also more relaxed and modern. Curtains do so much to a space, you don’t realize it until they are in place. They are the one element in a room that can connect the tangible together to create that desired feeling and atmosphere.

Meanwhile on the other side of the kitchen is a new cabinet, that is light and airy because it has glass on all its sides while the measurements fit perfectly against the wall. It has a bit of beach house/ Scandinavian country vibe to it because of the planks on the back wall, that gives it all the character and style. I just love it and I finally have more space for my kitchen items! The tones in the cabinet are in line of calm shades of white and greyish blue that are combined with a couple of interior pieces to connect with the living room. It holds my favourite tine k. Moroccan style bowls, heavy positano plates, white books, a diptyque candle and some of my favourite crystal glasses. The bottom drawer is reserved for linen and I managed to sneak in my favourite chanel perfume sketch print on the top shelf. Now the kitchen has a balanced offset, to me it feels whole and by far is my favourite place at home.

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