Lingering Blues

thirasia blue

Thirassia fishing village, Santorini

As if taken from a palette of mixed blue oil paints, I walk around in the almost unbearable heat getting a taste of the past, of what Santorini used to be like before tourists discovered the island.  Small white houses tier the cliff that contain splashes of cobalt blue, rich okra and shabby turquoise while the sea front is covered with little taverns and fishing boats. Thirassia has the basic structure like Oia, but a much less glamorous version, but by any means no less worse. Spending a day here is rather refreshing after walking around with too many tourists on the main streets of Oia even though there is a degree of sadness as I look around. It is authentic, minimalistic and rather rural, so quite almost deserted. I can feel the realness, the way of life that must be a struggle at times but yet happiness is brought by simple ordinary joys. I peak through a house gate to discover men playing cards circled around a plastic table in the shade. I also see women laughing together at the corner of a store gently leaning against a limestone wall.  I was fascinated by the elderly that pierced me with their stare making me feel a little out-of-place as I passed each one. Thankfully I was dressed appropriately with covered shoulders and nothing revealing, I greeted each one looking them directly in the eye with a bit of kneel, which in return brought a little smile to their faces. They seemed shy and each wrinkle on their face showed years of hard work. Respect and appreciation is what this town is all about, much like else where, where tourists are less likely to be. The smooth winding paths interconnect with cute gates at every corner and numerous cats resting in cool shades. One gorgeous door after another, there is much beauty in the simplicity of life here, all the imperfections and run down architecture gives it that character and undeniable charm. The combination of the white and blue is just breathtaking, where the sunlight illuminates strong artistic shadows in all the right places.

A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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