Spring Mornings


Spring Mornings

As the days get warmer, I’m able to keep the balcony door open at all times and listen to life outside. The occasional scooters wiff by, the water fountain is dripping in the garden below and the first bumble bees are resting in the sun, while the birds nest on the rooftops. The curtains blow gently in the light breeze, to me white linen curtains are sensual and soft, I constantly notice myself staring at them as they dance to the wind. The olive tree peeks through the doorway giving a Mediterranean feeling to the house. It is my favourite accessory at the moment, it just feels like I have a bit of Italy at home. That fresh espresso smell in the morning gives me a good feeling, also a feeling back to Italy... Lately we’ve been enjoying beautiful coloured organic eggs, from soft pale beige to hazel browns. From salty to sweet, we’ve also indulged in Danish waffles where I made the most delicious filling from ricotta & cream cheese. I’ve also started to look a bit into my honeymoon outfits and instantly drawn to flowy white bohemian dresses. Little dainty bouquets of flowers bring me joy and spring moments like these inspire me in every single way.

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