Summer Cocktail on my mind.

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Summer drink on my mind…

As many of you know, 1st of May is a big deal in Finland, it’s a huge day of celebration where traditionally everyone gathers for brunch in the park but since we live right on site, we’re having friends over. I wanted to share a refreshing cocktail idea for the occasion, its flavourful and not too sweet. All the herbs, crushed lime and kiwi give the sparkling wine a wonderful boost. This pretty drink is a great summer drink for any occasion!

How to make?

  • Prosecco, cava or champagne
  • Handful of Fresh Lemon Blam
  • Thyme
  • Finely sliced kiwi
  • Finely sliced lime

Wash all the herbs and lime well. Finely slice the lime and kiwi into smaller pieces and place in glass. Add herbs. Crush a little to release flavour/liquid. Pour ice-cold bubbly on top.

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