Signs of summer


This morning during my walk in the park, I could not resist the temptation of sniping off a few branches from the lilac tree. They have come into bloom overnight, burst into flower from last nights rain and they smell gloriously perfume-esq, reminding me really of the beginning of summer. Everything has turned a degree more green, shades of emerald fill the park that spill lusciously all over. I placed a couple of lilac twigs in our kitchen to give off that fragrance while making a plate of summer fruit with brazilian nuts, hemp and pumpkin seeds. A little bit of coconut for more sweetness and fresh thyme from the balcony. Always fresh herbs in the summer are a must. I’ve been answering emails to our wedding planner all morning and enjoying a cup of delicate green tea. What a beautiful way to start the morning, life is precious and these moments are irreplaceable! Be happy people 

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