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bracelets. Hermes/ Necklace long. Dana Levy hamsa hand combined with Efva Attling/ short diamond necklace & earings. Rubens/ Ring. parents engagement ring

Italian Riviera

Perched on top of a tiny village in the Italian Riviera, the view of the deep valley is nothing less than spectacular. The vineyard is arched on the side of the hills while the colourful houses combine together like a little maze. It’s beautiful here and life is nothing less than a smile overlooking the greenery. I thought I would share some of my most used everyday jewelry that travel with me on most occasions and suit almost all outfits. The classic silver and gold H-bracelets are fun and easy for any time of day while the thin (the thinner the better) necklaces have been an obsession of mine for quite some years now. The studded diamond earings are super chic because of their shine, yet they are still low key. My parents engagement ring holds immense sentimental value add matches my own ring. This picture is from our last trip, so I don’t have my engagement ring on my finger, but of course today it is an everyday essential! I love to mix gold and silver together, the less matchy- the better for my personal style as I feel there is nothing too overdone than a too matching colour coordinated look.

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A fashion & interior lover who enjoys cooking and traveling. I have a nordic way of thinking, where I believe in the beauty of simplicity.

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