Precious Moments ♥


Nordic summer evenings

I have finally had some time to slow down and enjoy the finnish summer, take a moment to breathe in the beautiful life around us. Finnish summer is beautiful this time of year, my body yearns to leave to the countryside, which we will be doing in a couple of days. It seems to be light all day and night as midsummer is coming up and the weather is back to a beautiful sunshine.  Lately, life has been all about golden sunset walks by the sea, reflecting on life and nibbling on spicy prawns.  The last days have been all about realizing precious moments of life, some better, some worse. My cutest nephew was born recently and Mr. N and I were granted as his god parents (feeling honored and a sensation of wanting to spoil the little one) and you could say it was love at first sight. Watching their little family grow is the most touching thing to experience and you can feel the love pushing through. They make incredible parents. It really is true that when a new baby is born within the family, you have so much more love for him/her because it is so much more personal. I cannot wait to watch him grow & make memories together.

Meanwhile this joyous occasion, a shadow was casted over us as Mr N has had to experience a tragic loss of a friend & coworker which has been heartbreaking to watch from the side. It makes you stop and think for a while creating a feeling of blankness. When something hits so close to home, it is almost feels like shock theraphy. Sadly, it makes you realize the fragility of life, what is important and the fact that it can be taken away in an instant, at any time. Life is a precious gift and a short one at that so it really is important to stop for a moment, prioritize its importance and take in everything to the fullest. There is no need to complain about petty issues when you look at the bigger picture. I’m so fortunate to share my life with this incredible man I can soon call husband. When he hurts, I hurt, but together we can make it through. The events of this week have made me think about the values of life and it all really comes down to the little things. Sometimes is good to reflect and take notice of what is important to you…




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