Idyllic Mougins

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As I took my first steps into the less touristy town of Mougins, it was love at first sight. It portrays a richness, an elegance that is visible through its refined presence as a whole. It shows through the perfectly trimmed park bushes, attention to detail (street lamps, hand crafted facades, finishing touches) and restaurant culture. There is a degree of respect for art in this tiny village, where every corner spills of fine galleries, studios and workshops. For a visual addict, Mougins is very pleasing to the eye and I would call it a hidden gem, up in the rolling green hills.

All I knew about Mougins is that Picasso spent twelve years of his life in this town and quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me. I can only imagine what it was like in the late 1930s, with the lavish lifestyles of the rich, while being a playground for people such as Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor. You can sense the pre-Roman origins in the hill town with the curving streets, simple tight buildings and intricate streets. The town is known for its fine quality restaurants that attracts prestigious chefs and according to the Guardian, they hold an annual festival of gastronomy.

We stopped to have lunch right in the town square, in a beautiful spot on place du commandant lamy that was by far one of my favourite cuisine experiences of the trip. We all enjoyed traditional fresh escargots that I still can taste in my mouth, as I scrape my bread into all that succulent flavour on my hot plate. I also indulged in their fish of the day, that was a  grilled daurade with infused herbs ala Provence. The flavours were spot on, simplicity at its best. My friend enjoyed the sole mariniere that tasted divine as well. After a pungent espresso and a couple of bottles of Minty rosé and great company, we explored more of the beautiful town.

With rosemary, basil or tarragon placed in many window sills, and  vine leaves draping over old characterized doors and a wiff of lavender in terracotta pots, Mougins is a peaceful getaway for the day to feed your palette and cleanse your body from all the tourists that migrate to the shorelines. This town is located just 15 minutes from Cannes that we drove into after lunch, straight to Dior where all three of us ladies found ourselves a pair of new sunglasses!

Restaurant tip: Brasserie de la Méditerranée, 32 Place du Commandant Lamy, 06250 Mougins


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